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Welcome To Shed Knives!
Welcome to Shed Knives! 100% USA Made knives with 100% USA Materials

Don't Settle for average.

Feedback from our customers

"These guys are definitely worth keeping an eye on; they’re doing fun stuff and moving fast."

- Nothing But Knives

"Bad a** knives!"

- Lynn Thompson, CEO of Cold Steel

"I watch a ton of knife content on YouTube and I'm happy I came across your page."

- Nathan

"I've been very impressed with the progress Shed Knives has made over the past year."

- Sean

"Thank you for reaching out to your customers!"

- Tia

"I really appreciate the communication!"

- Darin

"I look forward to my next Shed Knife!! It makes me smile every time I hold it!! What a WIN"

- JuhVon's Knife Flicks

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Built for the outdoors.

2023 Shed Knives Skur

Available in 6 colors

2023 Skur

Blog posts

HOLLOW GRINDS: How I Grind My Blades Ft. 2023 Skur

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