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The Ultimate Guide to Camping Like a Pro | THE SHED KNIVES BLOG #42

The Ultimate Guide to Camping Like a Pro | THE SHED KNIVES BLOG #42

Welcome back to The S.K. Blog for edition #42. If you're new here, welcome! Whether you're an experienced outdoor enthusiast or a newbie to the wilderness, this comprehensive guide will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to set up your campsite like a true professional. So grab your gear and let's dive into the ultimate camp experience.

Step 1: Location, Location, Location

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Before you begin setting up your campsite, choosing the right location is essential. Your campsite's location can impact safety, comfort, and environmental impact. Look for a flat and well-drained area that is at a safe distance from water bodies and potential hazards like falling rocks or dead trees.

Step 2: Shelter Crafting

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Shelter is one of the fundamental aspects of a campsite. Depending on your preference and the conditions you're facing, you have several options. If using a tent, ensure the ground is cleared of any debris or rocks that could puncture the tent floor. For tarp setups, be sure to use taut-line hitch knots to secure your tarp in various configurations, providing reliable protection from rain and wind. Make sure your equipment is clean and safe to use because there's nothing worse than having equipment fail when you need it the most.

Step 3: Fire Mastery

A well-built campfire not only provides warmth and a focal point for socializing but also allows for cooking meals. Start by creating a fire ring using rocks, making sure it's a safe distance from tents and other flammable materials. Familiarize yourself with fire-starting techniques, such as the teepee or log cabin methods, and practice proper fire safety by keeping a water source nearby and fully extinguishing the fire before leaving.

Step 4: Cooking in the Wild

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If you want the full outdoor experience, you'll want to do some campsite cooking. Begin by assembling a portable kitchen with basics like a camp stove, cookware, and utensils. Plan your meals ahead, prepping ingredients to make cooking in the wild efficient and enjoyable. Experiment with one-pot meals, foil packet cooking, and creative recipes that make the most of limited resources.

Step 5: Gear Organization

Keeping your campsite organized contributes to a stress-free experience. Use dry bags, stuff sacks, and storage containers to keep gear categorized and protected from the elements. Hang a clothesline for damp clothing or gear, and designate specific areas for cooking, sleeping, and relaxation. Not only does organization make daily tasks easier, but it also reduces the risk of losing important items.

Step 6: Sleep Soundly

After a busy day in the field, a good night's sleep is well needed and deserved. Choose a suitable sleeping bag rated for the expected temperature range and terrain. Invest in a quality sleeping pad to provide insulation and cushioning. Set up your sleeping area away from potential disturbances and on level ground. Consider using a camping pillow or improvising with clothing for added comfort.


Step 7: Lighting the Night

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Proper lighting not only enhances safety but also adds ambiance to your campsite. Use lanterns to illuminate communal areas and individual spaces and head lamps for personal use. Choose lights with adjustable brightness settings to conserve battery life. Avoid bright lights that can disrupt the natural night environment and consider using red light settings to preserve night vision.

Step 8: Entertainment and Relaxation

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Embrace the tranquility of the wilderness by engaging in activities that foster your connection with nature. Stargazing, storytelling, and wildlife observation are perfect ways to unwind. Bring along a field guide to identify local flora and fauna, and consider packing a few simple games (like a deck of cards) for small group activities.

Step 9: Breaking Down Camp

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As your adventure comes to a close, leave no trace by dismantling your campsite responsibly. Thoroughly extinguish the campfire, disassemble shelters, and pack out all trash, including microtrash like bottle caps and food scraps. Use a tarp or groundsheet to collect dirt and debris from underneath tents before rolling them up. Leave the area as pristine as you found it to preserve its natural beauty for future generations.


Spending time in the outdoors is not just good for the mind, but it's also great for the body. With these 9 steps to camp like a pro, you'll be ready to take on the outdoors with confidence and education. Since every outdoor enthusiast needs a knife, I encourage you to check out the 2023 collection at the link below. Thank you for reading!

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About The Author:

CEO & Founder of Shed Knives, W. Jack Billings

Jack Billings is the 19 year old CEO and Founder of Shed Knives, a rising manufacturer of high-quality fixed blade bushcraft knives. With over 5 years of experience as a knife maker, he has developed a reputation for crafting durable, reliable knives that are designed for outdoor enthusiasts and bushcrafters alike. Jack started making knives at the age of 13 and has been refining his craft ever since.

In addition to his expertise in knife making, Jack has a High School Degree from POLYTECH High School, where he studied Automotive Technology and obtained his ASE Certification. He is also a content creator for Shed Knives and has reached the eyes of over 600,000 people across the world through his work.

When he's not working on knives, Jack enjoys exploring the outdoors and has a passion for bushcraft. He also has a passion for the automotive world and enjoys learning about new technologies and advancements. Additionally, he has a great interest in language and is studying Spanish, German, and Arabic.

Jack's personal mission is to constantly improve himself, his products, and his processes in order to stay ahead of the rapidly changing interests of the knife industry and to surpass the competition. He takes great pride in American manufacturing and is committed to contributing to the growth of the world knife industry through his work.


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