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HOLLOW GRINDS: How I Grind My Knives Ft. 2023 Skur | THE SHED KNIVES BLOG #65

HOLLOW GRINDS: How I Grind My Knives Ft. 2023 Skur | THE SHED KNIVES BLOG #65

Welcome back to The S.K. Blog for edition #65. If you're new here, welcome! Ever wondered about the intricate process of creating the perfect hollow grind on a knife? Join us on a journey into the art of knife grinding, featuring the 2023 Shed Knives Skur. In this edition of The Shed Knives Blog, I'll be going into the detailed steps involved in achieving precision and perfection with my every grind.

The Starting Point: 36 Grit Shredder Belt

HOLLOW GRINDS: How I Grind My Knives Ft. 2023 Skur | THE SHED KNIVES BLOG #65

The grind begins with the foundation—a fresh 36 grit shredder (stock removal) belt. This aggressive abrasive is the workhorse that removes the steel, specifically 154-CM, with pretty good speed. Without a course belt, the hollow grind process would be both dragged out longer than needed and the grind would not be as high quality as it should.

Guiding The Grind: Belt Sander and Angled Plate

HOLLOW GRINDS: How I Grind My Knives Ft. 2023 Skur | THE SHED KNIVES BLOG #65

The heart of the operation lies in the belt sander, a versatile tool which puts that beautiful hollow grind on the Skur with the help of a plate set at the precise angle of my complete hollow grind. This plate, dictating the knife's final form, is a truly specific component that can mess blades up very fast! I try not to adjust it (ever) because once I find my sweet spot, blades go on extremely well. When the plate is wobbly or out of spec, it consumes more time to fix than if it was just setup properly at first.

PRO TIP: Measure twice, cut once.

Blade Symmetry: Swapping Sides and Cooling

HOLLOW GRINDS: How I Grind My Knives Ft. 2023 Skur | THE SHED KNIVES BLOG #65

To achieve symmetry, the knife is continuously flipped from left to right, allowing for a balanced grind on both sides. Throughout this process, maintaining a cool blade is not just helpful but also essential to keeping the steel molecules (Carbon specifically) in the same spot of the blade - this will help in the heat treat. An "ice bath" or a bucket of ice water serves as a fast cooling point in between swipes, preventing overheating and preserving the steel's integrity.

The Visual Check: Clean Grind and Adequate Space

HOLLOW GRINDS: How I Grind My Knives Ft. 2023 Skur | THE SHED KNIVES BLOG #65

As I continue to grind & flip my knife, I'm also making sure to make a constant visual assessment. The grind must be clean and have flawless grind lines, leaving no room for error. This meticulous inspection throughout the process ensures each knife is capable of the highest level of performance.

Next Up: Drying Off and Heat Treat

Once the grind is perfected, the knife is dried and set aside, ready for the next phase—heat treatment. This transformative step increases the knife's RHC (Rockwell/steel hardness), durability, and the unique characteristics that make each Shed Knives creation exceptional.


Grinding knives is an art that requires precision, skill, and a solid understanding of grinding. I certainly wasn't born with this talent, no one is, but the +1,000 blades I've ground have made up for that. The 2023 Skur, featured in this blog, exemplifies the commitment to craftsmanship at Shed Knives. If you enjoyed this blog, I encourage you to grab one for yourself. Thank you very much for reading and I'll see you in the next one.

HOLLOW GRINDS: How I Grind My Blades Ft. 2023 Skur | Shed Knives

To explore a wide range of high-quality knives, like the entire 2023 Shed Knives Collection, visit the Shed Knives website HERE. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next edition of The Shed Knives Blog.



About The Author:

W. Jack Billings - CEO & Founder, Shed Knives

Jack Billings is the 19 year old CEO and Founder of Shed Knives, a rising manufacturer of high-quality fixed blade bushcraft knives. With over 5 years of experience as a knife maker, he has developed a reputation for crafting durable, reliable knives that are designed for outdoor enthusiasts and bushcrafters alike. Jack started making knives at the age of 13 and has been refining his craft ever since.

In addition to his expertise in knife making, Jack has a High School Degree from POLYTECH High School, where he studied Automotive Technology and obtained his ASE Certification. He is also a content creator for Shed Knives and has reached the eyes of over 1,000,000 people on Shed Knives platforms across the world through his work.

When he's not working on knives, Jack enjoys exploring the outdoors and has a passion for bushcraft. He also has a passion for the automotive world and enjoys learning about new technologies and advancements. Additionally, he has a great interest in language and is studying Spanish, German, and Arabic.

Jack's personal mission is to constantly improve himself, his products, and his processes in order to stay ahead of the rapidly changing interests of the knife industry and to surpass the competition. He takes great pride in American manufacturing and is committed to contributing to the growth of the world knife industry through his work.

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