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2020 Cal Fishing Edition US Tanto


2020 Cal Fishing Edition US Tanto

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Designed specifically for professional bass fisherman, Cal Cameron. 

One of the sharpest blades, tightest rope handles, and a superior grip compared to all Shed Knives models. This special edition is truly the best fishing knife available. 

US Steel & Materials, 100% Made in America

About Cal:

BFL Pro, FLW Opens Co-Angler, Avid College Angler, supports and uses Shed Knives products.

                         Instagram: @cal_fishin                 YouTube: Cal Fishing

All Shed Knives products are handmade and are unique. Not all knives will be the exact length/width because we do not make our knives in the "cookie cutter" process like many other brands. We do try to maintain the same exact shape to the best of our ability.

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