2021 Resilience

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Life is tough, but the 2021 Resilience is tougher. CEO & Founder of Shed Knives, Jack Billings, wanted to design a knife that is a Shed Knives first. With a partial scale & composite material for the handle, this is extremely comfortable to hold & use. The curved handle, blade, spine, and scales make the perfect knife to use for tough tasks while conforming to your hand. A large lanyard hole is on the bottom of the handle to hook to D-Rings, line, rope, and a variety of other connecting materials. The 2021 Resilience is the top pick of Shed Knives for its adaptability.

Save $18 when choosing the "Leather Sheath" option instead of buying a sheath separately.


Resilience: noun, the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

All Shed Knives products are handmade and are unique. Not all knives will be the exact length/width because we do not make our knives in the "cookie cutter" process like many other brands. We do try to maintain the same exact shape to the best of our ability