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2022 Sheepsfoot


2022 Sheepsfoot

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  • SKU: SK22SF
  • Brand: Shed Knives
  • Type: Hunting & Survival Knives
  • Availability: In Stock

Reviewed by Neeves Knives & Vicesaha Alsept (@buckeyegirlbushcraft)!


The Sheepsfoot was the very first knife Shed Knives sold back in 2018 and is considered a “Shed Knives Classic.” With an accent at the tip of the knife, this keeps the point of the knife even sharper while being appealing to the eye. A unique blade style allows the user to chop through wood and other tough materials while also being able to complete small camp tasks. This knife is truly a great hunting and outdoor tool many people come to rely on.


Length - 9.375 in.

Weight - 6.9 Oz (0.43 lbs)

Steel Type - 4260 Carbon (Heat Treated)

Rope Length - 95 In.

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