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2023 Shed Knives Skur Hunting Knife with Feather on Ground in Woods - Ideal Fixed Blade Knife for Hunting and Outdoor Activities

Choosing the Right Fixed Blade Knife for Hunting|SHED KNIVES BLOG #3

As a hunter, having a reliable fixed blade knife is essential to ensure a successful hunt. A fixed blade knife is a sturdy, reliable option that can handle a wide range of hunting tasks, from field dressing and skinning to chopping and cutting. With so many options on the market, it can be quite challenging to know which one is right for you. In this blog, we'll go over everything you need to know to choose the right fixed blade knife for hunting, and I'll include some of my top recommendations from the 2023 Shed Knives Collection on

2023 Shed Knives Tuatara Fixed Blade Knife in OD Green on Moss - Ideal Hunting Knife for Heavy-Duty Tasks

Blade Material

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a fixed blade knife for hunting is the blade material. The most popular materials for hunting knives are stainless steel and high carbon steel. Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and easy to maintain, while high carbon steel is harder, holds a sharp edge longer, and is better suited for heavy-duty tasks like chopping and cutting. A steel that has similarities of both stainless and carbon steel is 154-CM. This steel is used in all seven 2023 Shed Knives models and is a great material to use especially for hunting since blood can corrode. It's common to see a standard high carbon blade corrode with contact to blood from wild game and it's less common, if not rare, to see with 154-CM.

2023 Shed Knives Skur Knife Blank on Work Bench with Knife Materials - Ideal for DIY Knife Making and Customization

Blade Shape

The blade shape of a fixed blade knife is also an important consideration. There are several different blade shapes to choose from, including clip point, drop point, and skinner. The clip point is a popular choice for hunting knives because it has a sharp, pointed tip that is ideal for piercing, while the drop point is better for slicing and skinning. The skinner blade has a razor sharp belly that can handle heavy-duty tasks but, like the name states, is the perfect choice for skinning game. Shed Knives offers the 2023 Resilience which has an outstanding belly and is a top pick for hunters. You can check it out here:

Blade Length

The length of the blade is another important consideration. The ideal blade length will depend on the type of hunting you do and your personal preferences. A shorter blade is better for tasks like skinning and caping, while a longer blade is better for heavy-duty tasks like chopping and cutting. Shed Knives offers a range of blade lengths in their fixed blade knives, like the compact blade of the 2023 Skur, the longer blade of the Tuatara, and even the hefty blade of the 2023 Atlas.

Handle Material

The handle material of a fixed blade knife is also an important consideration. The most popular materials for hunting knife handles are wood, bone, and synthetic materials like G-10 and Micarta. Wood and bone handles offer a classic, traditional look and feel, while synthetic materials are more durable and resistant to moisture and other elements both the knife and user is exposed to in the outdoors. G-10 is a top choice for the 2023 selection due to how stable it is in the outdoors. It doesn't expand, contract, melt, or burn. The scales are easy to take apart on 2023 models and exceed expectations.


Finally, you'll want to consider the sheath that comes with your fixed blade knife. A good sheath will protect the blade when it's not in use and make it easy to carry with you on your hunting trips. Some common sheaths are: leather, nylon, and kydex. Shed Knives offers a Kydex sheath with all 2023 fixed blade knives. Kydex is easy to clean and does not require much maintenance at all. It's also much more durable compared to leather and will last longer throughout the lifetime of the knife.


Choosing the right fixed blade knife for hunting is essential for a successful hunt. When choosing a fixed blade knife, consider the blade material, blade shape, blade length, handle material, and sheath. Shed Knives offers a range of fixed blade knives that are ideal for hunting, including the 2023 Skur, 2023 Resilience, 2023 Tuatara, and 2023 Atlas. With these tips in mind, you'll be able to choose the right fixed blade knife for your needs and enjoy a successful hunt every time.

If you liked this article, please take a second to check out the 2023 Shed Knives models below:


Thank you all for reading and enjoy the outdoors,

- W. Jack Billings



About The Author:

Jack Billings is the 18 year old CEO and Founder of Shed Knives, a rising manufacturer of high-quality fixed blade bushcraft knives. With over 5 years of experience as a knife maker, he has developed a reputation for crafting durable, reliable knives that are designed for outdoor enthusiasts and bushcrafters alike. Jack started making knives at the age of 13 and has been refining his craft ever since.

In addition to his expertise in knife making, Jack has a High School Degree from POLYTECH High School, where he studied Automotive Technology and obtained his ASE Certification. He is also a content creator for Shed Knives and has reached the eyes of over 600,000 people across the world through his work.

When he's not working on knives, Jack enjoys exploring the outdoors and has a passion for bushcraft. He also has a passion for the automotive world and enjoys learning about new technologies and advancements. Additionally, he has a great interest in language and is studying Spanish, German, and Arabic.

Jack's personal mission is to constantly improve himself, his products, and his processes in order to stay ahead of the rapidly changing interests of the knife industry and to surpass the competition. He takes great pride in American manufacturing and is committed to contributing to the growth of the world knife industry through his work.

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Walt Billings - April 27, 2023

Great blog! Keep up the amazing work.

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