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What's With The Conquest? | THE SHED KNIVES BLOG #32

What's With The Conquest? | THE SHED KNIVES BLOG #32

Welcome back to The S.K. Blog for edition #32. If you're new here, welcome! In this edition, we're diving into the 2023 Shed Knives Conquest, one of the most fierce fixed blade knives in the 2023 Collection. Today, we'll be diving into a few questions like: what's with the Conquest? Why does it look the way it looks? & Why do so many people want it? If you're in search of a reliable and high-quality knife that exudes confidence, then let's dive into the Conquest.


Let's start with the design of the knife. The curvy handle of the Conquest is a standout feature that not only provides a strong grip but also creates a natural contour to fit your hand comfortably. This ergonomic design ensures that you can confidently tackle any task without worrying about the knife slipping from your grasp. Whether you're cutting, slashing, or stabbing, the Conquest's true tanto blade offers versatility with its two different cutting angles. 

One of the notable features of the Conquest is its handle. Made of G-10, a durable and dense material, the handle can be easily replaced or removed with the help of a flat or Phillips bit screwdriver. The Conquest specifically has the feel of a thicker handle although the G-10 & blank is the same as all other knives. Where does the feel come from you might ask? It comes from the height of the handle & how it is curved.

Speaking of the handle, Shed Knives understands the importance of customization, which is why they provide the option to modify the handle based on your preferences. Additionally, the G-10 handle can stay firmly attached even without the middle screw, ensuring that your knife remains secure during use.


Now let's talk about the sheath that accompanies the Conquest. All 2023 models come with a black Kydex sheath, which offers several advantages over traditional sheath materials. The Kydex sheath provides a secure click-in-place mechanism, ensuring that your knife remains safely stored and easily accessible when needed. Unlike leather or nylon sheaths, there's no risk of your knife cutting through the sheath or accidentally falling out. Cleaning the Kydex sheath is a breeze—simply wash it with soap and water, and make sure to dry the inside thoroughly with compressed air before storing your knife.

Learn how to clean your sheath here

Why do so many people want the Conquest?

The Conquest doesn't stop at its primary features. Shed Knives has added some thoughtful additional features that enhance the overall functionality and usability of the knife. The jimping on the spine of the knife offers an improved grip and better control during use, while the sharpening choil separates the blade from the handle, allowing for easy and efficient sharpening of the entire blade. With the half-inch lanyard hole, you can conveniently attach the Conquest to various items such as ropes, lines, D-rings, and other gear.

When it comes to specifications, the Conquest excels in every aspect. Manufactured in Delaware, United States, this knife reflects Shed Knives' commitment to quality craftsmanship. With an overall length of 8.5 inches and a blade length of 4 inches, the Conquest strikes the perfect balance between size and maneuverability. The 154-CM heat treated blade material ensures excellent edge retention and durability thanks to the RHC (Rockwell) of 58 - 60. The hollow grind and 3/16-inch spine thickness contribute to its exceptional cutting performance.

Let's talk about Style

Shed Knives understands the importance of personal style, and the Conquest offers a range of handle color options to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer the vibrant Skur Orange, the elegant Tiffany Blue, or the classic Midnight Black, there's a color option for everyone. The stone wash blade finish adds a touch of sophistication to the knife's appearance. If you're not a fan of G-10, don't worry! These scales can be easily removed and replaced with whatever material you'd like. 

Hey, knife enthusiasts!

If you're still unsure about choosing the right knife, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on selecting the best fixed blade knife HERE. We aim to assist you in finding the perfect tool for your needs. Have a question? Send us an email:


In conclusion, the 2023 Conquest by Shed Knives is a fierce knife that offers unparalleled toughness, exceptional quality, and a range of customizable options. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a survivalist, or simply someone who appreciates a reliable and versatile tool, the Conquest is an excellent investment. With Shed Knives' attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can have full confidence in your hands when wielding the 2023 Conquest.

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About The Author:

CEO & Founder of Shed Knives, W. Jack Billings

Jack Billings is the 19 year old CEO and Founder of Shed Knives, a rising manufacturer of high-quality fixed blade bushcraft knives. With over 5 years of experience as a knife maker, he has developed a reputation for crafting durable, reliable knives that are designed for outdoor enthusiasts and bushcrafters alike. Jack started making knives at the age of 13 and has been refining his craft ever since.

In addition to his expertise in knife making, Jack has a High School Degree from POLYTECH High School, where he studied Automotive Technology and obtained his ASE Certification. He is also a content creator for Shed Knives and has reached the eyes of over 600,000 people across the world through his work.

When he's not working on knives, Jack enjoys exploring the outdoors and has a passion for bushcraft. He also has a passion for the automotive world and enjoys learning about new technologies and advancements. Additionally, he has a great interest in language and is studying Spanish, German, and Arabic.

Jack's personal mission is to constantly improve himself, his products, and his processes in order to stay ahead of the rapidly changing interests of the knife industry and to surpass the competition. He takes great pride in American manufacturing and is committed to contributing to the growth of the world knife industry through his work.

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